The Barley Crayon #153

Old journal entries that record  God’s personal messages are sometimes worth rereading.   On March 10th, 2009,  I recorded  a vivid dream from that morning.  Yahweh’s message in the dream helped me to walk victoriously through a trying time then. Recently I was reminded of the dream.  It’s message is timeless.


Part 1 — I am looking at a landscape painting.  It is beautiful except that it has a flawed sky,  I think the sky should be repainted. Then a lady appears and is holding a crayon. She demonstrates how the crayon will correct the unsightly blemishes by making a few scribbling motions across the sky of the painting.  She hands me the crayon, expecting me to continue.  The crayon is light green in color.  Written on the paper on the side of the crayon is the word “barley” and #153.  I am to use this crayon to correct the flaw (the sky) on the painting.

Part 2 — Eric (my husband), Judy (my mother in law) and I are  listening to a man speak.  He tells us about two books.  The title of the first book is a word, when interpreted means the same as the title of the second book.  The title of the second book is “The Bait of Satan”.  Judy looks puzzled and comments that she thinks the two titles are together in a Bible verse but does not know the meaning of the first title.  I tell her that the two book titles mean the same thing.

Part 3 — There’s an antique mirror.  It has a cloudy appearance because of it’s age. Then I see a lady in our basement snooping around to steal our treasures.  — End of dream.

That morning I glanced down at my Bible as we  headed out the door to go to church.  I  read,

“I have  blotted out, like a thick cloud,  your transgressions, And like a cloud, your sins.” Isaiah 44:22

I could just imagine God holding a sponge with paint on it and blotting away the sins in my life. God blots out “like a thick cloud” the scripture read.

I thought of the painting in my dream with the flawed sky.

I knew the Holy Spirit brought that scripture to me. God was telling me that I had an issue with unforgiveness in my heart.  I knew that the two books with the same title, “The Bait of Satan”, were about Satan’s trap of offense.  We owned the book by John Bevere and although it had been quite a few years since I had read it, I remembered the message it contained. Satan uses offense as bait to trap us with bitterness.

In the third part of the dream there was a mirror… and a thief.  I needed to look into the mirror of God’s word.  We are to forgive others even as we have been forgiven.  If not, we lose something valuable. Like the lady snooping to steal our treasures, Satan is out to steal our joy.  He’s out to rob us of our inheritance.

I knew that barley and the number 153 had something to do with being an overcomer in God’s kingdom.

I knew that Yahwey was telling me that if I wanted to be an overcomer, I needed to use that barley crayon. I needed to blot out others’ sins like a thick cloud even as He has blotted out mine.

At the time there was someone very specific that had caused much offense to our family. I decided to overcome the offenses.  I chose to completely forgive this person.

I  recently learned more about “barley” and #153.  I am reminded of my dream 7 years ago and the continual need to color my world with the green barley crayon #153. 

“Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7

“He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8