Film Production

Beneath The Oaks Productions

Beneath The Oaks Productions is an independent Christian film production studio. We have completed our first full-length feature film, Valley of the Shadow. Click here to go to the film’s website.

Our goal is to produce films glorifying Jesus Christ. The Scriptures say not to despise humble beginnings. Our children’s attempts at film-making were truly humble, but they had a lot of fun!


One afternoon in 2010, I noticed my children dressed up in make-shift costumes and running around the yard with a camera. In times past, they watched their older brothers make short videos. The girls also made a few themselves. With sudden inspiration and their father’s permission to use the camera, Little Pilgrim’s Progress was underway…..

Little Pilgrim’s Progress (2010)



John Bunyan’s story is recreated in this first real attempt at movie making using a small  Flip camera and the point and shoot method. They had read the children’s version of Bunyan’s book many times. Having the story memorized, the children planned out what to say just before each shoot!  Get past the first few minutes and the filming does improve. A move from Texas to Kansas interrupted the filming, yet provided two different filming locations. I love this movie, but I suppose it’s because they’re my children. 🙂

Helen Keller (2011)



Their previous movie was so much fun that they decided to make another one. Now using a $100 Flip HD camera and a film budget of $50, there was more planning involved with actually writing out their script (based on the play) and memorizing lines.

Valley of the Shadow (2014)

2012 began with our 16 year old daughter, Abigail, busy writing the script for our children’s first full-length feature film, a drama that takes place during the American Civil War.  The children researched prices online and began purchasing more equipment using their baby-sitting money (and a loan from mom and dad).  Even 9 year old Caleb made contributions from his hard earned income.  Wool cloth was ordered and the three older girls became excellent seamstresses from hours and hours of sewing uniforms.  Anna, Abigail, and Bridget designed the costumes by looking at Civil War pictures and making many of their own patterns.  Many trips were made to second hand shops to find treasures. Their father became a set-builder. And Caleb became his apprentice tent-maker. After Abigail’s attempt at playing Captain Keller in Helen Keller, they knew that they needed some real soldiers,  so some friends were asked to play a number of the roles.  The production of Valley of the Shadow was completed March, 2014. DVDs are now available. Contact us through our website for public or church showings. Click here for the film’s website.