Yellowstone in Jeopardy?

Notes in my Bible say, “Be certain that you are always where God wants you to be or you put yourself in jeopardy.” It references 2 Samuel 11, the account of King David’s choice to remain in Jerusalem and the temptation and sin that ensued.

I opened to these notes today and sense the Lord emphasizing this truth of seeking His direction for our lives and that doing so may well keep us from trouble and tragedy.

Eric led our devotion this morning with Ps.119:106 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Yesterday I read a blog post  titled “Summer of Preparation”.  The author is of the opinion that this summer needs to be a time preparing spiritually and physically for the days ahead — to be focused on being ready for a national disaster.  Summer is normally connected with recreation and vacations.  But the writer was warning that we need to be watchful and preparing.

Some of that writers thoughts paralleled  a dream I had the same morning (May 12th).  My dream started with events that we have planned for early June where some of my children are signed up to attend a music camp.  As the dream progressed, I was out in a field where people were involved in outdoor recreational activities.  A 1950’s pearl white car was circling the field for fun and the driver was somehow managing to throw a basketball back and forth with someone else standing in the field. The atmosphere was one of people taking vacations and I was having thoughts that we should go to Yellowstone National Park for a family vacation since it was close by. (I have never had a desire to take a trip to Yellowstone, nor do I ever think about Yellowstone, nor is it close by — but that was what was in the dream.)

As I am planning in my mind to take a family vacation to Yellowstone, suddenly the white car that had been circling the field was right in front of me and about to run me over.  Suddenly, I am in a crevice or ditch in the ground and the car drives over me.  My heart is beating rapidly and I am relieved that I am still alive.  But I am trapped under a thick layer of dirt and have only a small space of air above my head. I think that perhaps I have only enough oxygen for one last breath and I am wondering if I will be able to climb up and push through the layer of soil that is above me.  I wake up at this point and my thoughts are that God is warning that we are in a time not to be pursuing recreation and  vacations without His guidance.

I am also wondering if God is speaking something about Yellowstone in particular — a warning about Yellowstone blowing sometime in the future? In my dream, the earth was split. An earthquake?  Like I said, I never think about Yellowstone.

As I shared my dream with my children during this morning’s devotion, I had a thought that the 1950’s pearl white car was the attitude of “Let the good times roll”.  The 1950’s was a time of prosperity in America.  Many Americans still believe that life in America will continue with the same prosperity and ease as it has had in the past.

Our children still plan to attend the summer music camp. But we will not be planning any summer vacation trips without being certain of the Lord’s leading.

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